Iceshard Storms is a campaign played in D&D5e.

It is the continuation of the adventures of a small band of heroes. Having defeated the villainous Kalarel, and prevented the demon Orcus from entering the mortal plane, the heroes were horrified to see the destruction of the small village of Winterhaven at the hands of Kalarel’s allies, Irontooth, Ninaran, and the mysterious sorcerer Gargonnas.

The heroes have pursued those three to the northern reaches of Khorvaire, to the city of Vol-Thagoryx. Rumors abound of approaching armies from the north-east, noble houses squabble over politics, a new cult proclaims the emergence of a new god, and a sudden and harsh winter descends on the land, several months early.

Heroes journeyed to Vol-Thagoryx to defeat their enemies, but will become involved in a much greater plot.

D&D5E - Stars of Destiny

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