D&D5E - Stars of Destiny

A Vision in the Night

Several weeks had passed since they had fled from the grand city of Scabandraxas, finding themselves in a strange, unfamiliar world, and Suneun Tuuli found herself laying awake at night, gazing into the stars of an unfamiliar sky.

After a whispered prayer to Melora, she was taken by a sudden vision.

A divine being, an avatar of Suneun’s deity, stood before her. The goddess of the wilderness, nature, and the sea had sent a messenger to her devoted follower.

“Melora calls upon you, Suneun Tuuli, for the Gods of the Dawn War are facing a great challenge. A new god has risen, and seeks admission into the Pantheon. There will, soon, be a celestial tribunal held, in which the gods will determine whether or not to accept this new member.”

“We are unfamiliar with this new deity, but you and your companions are not.”

“Be ready. When the tribunal commences, Melora will be calling upon you and your companions to stand as witnesses, to testify of what you know concerning this new deity, and it’s alignment.”

“You may be the ones to sway the decision as to whether this new deity ascends to the Pantheon — the one you know as Ninaran”


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