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The Battle of Vol-Thagoryx

Official Report on the Battle of Vol-Thagoryx

This is the official report of the Battle of Vol-Thagoryx, as recorded by the Thagoryne Bureau of Records. It has been audited and authorized by Giselle Malandra, Bureau Director.

Estimated Attacking Forces
- 5000 Gnolls
- 1000 Goliaths
- 25 Spellcasters
- 1/2 Frost Giant?

Attacker’s Casualties
- 2456 Gnolls
- 488 Goliaths
- 1/2 Frost Giant
- 25 Spellcasters

Estimated Defending Forces
- 800 Grey Sails Marines, 20 vessels.
- 1500 Wyrmclaw Legion Militiamen
- 2000 Shattered Blade Mercenaries

Defender’s Casualties
- 692 Grey Sails Marines, 19 vessels.
-— All casualties and lost vessels were the result of the traitorous attack made by the Mocking Dragon.
- 927 Wyrmclaw Legion Militiamen
-— 746 casualties occurred in the defense of the mainland districts.
-— 181 casualties occurred in the bombing of the Baylocke Bridges
- 56 Shattered Blade Mercenaries.
- 82 Zealots of the alleged “Champion of the Raven Queen”.

Civilian Casualties
- 3691 Civilians confirmed dead
-— 3102 casualties occurred in the mainland districts
-— 589 casualties occurred in the bombing of the Baylocke Bridges
- 689 Civilians unaccounted for
-— Approximately 400 are believed to have drowned attempting to cross the Baylocke Channel.
- 25 Noblemen
-— It is reported that these members of the nobility were cast off from the Mocking Dragon as it departed the bay.

Notable Casualties
- Melchior Wist – Died in bombing of the Baylocke Bridges
- Hekhan Whitescale, Second Blade of the Wyrmclaws – Died in bombing of the Baylocke Bridges
- Golphus Moord, First Claw of the Bridge Guard – Died in Bombing of the Baylocke Bridges
- Janus Lornfall, Admiral of the Grey Sails – Slain by traitorous attack of the Mocking Dragon.
- Esther Shvard – Slain when protesting the departure of the Mocking Dragon.
- Adrien Vadalla – Cast off from the Mocking Dragon.
- Ludwig Holm – Cast off from the Mocking Dragon.

Estimated Destruction of City Buildings
- First Walk District – 62% of structures razed.
- New Mainland Market District – 23% of structures razed.
- Baylocke Ports District – 35% of structures razed.
- Lyman Fold District – 9% of structures razed.
- Volas Ports – 5% of structures razed.
- Baylocke Garrison – 2% of structures razed.
- Grey Sails Garrison – 5% of structures razed.
- Baylocke Bridges – Completely destroyed.

Auditor’s note: “The devastation wrought by this attack is staggering. While previous attacks on the city have resulted in the destruction of the mainland districts, none involved such a horrific number of casualties. Much of this can be attributed to the destruction of the Baylocke Bridges. Had the Shattered Blades not arrived, the whole of the mainland districts would have been lost, and drenched in the blood of civilians. However, were it not for the brave efforts of those Wyrmclaw Legion militiamen who gave their lives in defense, not a single civilian would have remained alive by the time the Shattered Blades arrived.” -Giselle Malandra


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