Elf Mercenary who betrayed the party


Ninaran was a mercenary in the employ of Kalarel. When the party was defeated by Irontooth, the goblin delivered them to Ninaran, who locked them in the prisons of the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Although, after defeating Ninaran, the party convinced the elf woman to lead them to Kalarel, she betrayed them by revealing their presence to the enemies within the Keep. Eohric Ardram tried to cut her down, at this point, but she got away.

After the defeat of Kalarel, Ninaran was reported to have been involved in the attack on Winterhaven. She escaped with Irontooth and the sorcerer Gargonnas, taking a portal to the distant north.

She was last seen by the party in the lands surrounding the city of Vol-Thagoryx, in the company of Irontooth and Gargonnas, in parlay with some gnolls. It was suggested that she has come contacts within the city, and she may be involved in a plot to take down the city.



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