Fair skin, maroon eyes and hair, extensive tattoos


Eladrin Rogue, Assassin specialization


Highly adaptable to any situation
Heart of steel
Has an excellent reputation for finishing jobs at any cost (except their life)
Holds up well under torture
Is honest (about their dishonesty)
Smooth speech and streetwise; can convince people to work for them, get information, etc.

Short temper
Perpetually exhausted by other people’s idiocy
Inherently distrustful
Dishonest (is literally a thief? lol)
Works alone, doesn’t usually work well with others

Gets a rush from sneaking, spying, stealing, dangerous acrobatics, manipulation, and combat
Lives like they do because they feel like it’s their only option at this point
Will only accept work that aligns with their goals/direction/intentions
Is kind and respectful to others, but never gets attached
Considers any kindness to them a favour; always repays favours

Will never give a straight answer about where they got a scar or their past in general
Has been to prison on multiple occasions, but never for very long
Has no real opinions on government since they grew up in the Feywild, and usually work outside the law
Has a surprisingly beautiful singing voice
Actually is great on-stage, but generally avoids the limelight
Can play the ukulele
Once joined a circus for a couple months in order to complete a mission
Loves the stars, like, a LOT

Lived in the Feywild. Was basically kidnapped at age 14 and taken to a large city to be ‘civilized.’ Escaped their captors and tried to leave and go home, but they left the city when it was shifted out of the Feywild and into Eberron, which left them stranded in this realm. They’ve lived here ever since, working as a freelance spy.

Principal goals: to be happy, secure, and respected
Method of achieving goals: any means possible
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


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