Anciently – The islands were home to an ancient Goliath city, and a lost temple to the primordial Rakashir. A blue dragon, Nekaryx, destroyed that ancient temple and city, and made the ruins into her home. Those Goliath who were spared were enslaved as her minions.

-928 YKThagon, a human champion of Kord, challenged Nekaryx and slew her.
  • Her Goliath minions left the islands, heading to the northeast.
  • Thagon built a shrine to Kord on the Volas islands, with the skull of Nekaryx made as an offering to the deity.

-344 YK – Over the years, various followers of Kord would make pilgrimages to the shrine. Twelve-hundred years ago, it became a very popular pilgrimage destination, and over the span of fifty years, a city grew up around the shrine: Vol-Thagoryx.
  • Even after the popularity of the pilgrimage died down, the city persisted, as it soon became profitable through the mining of minerals on the mainland, and was in a prime location for a port for overseas travel around the northeastern tip of Khorvaire.

87 YK – The city came under attack by pirates, and enchanted beasts from the sea. Though victorious, the city sustained a great deal of damage. In answer to this, the city build a powerful armada, the Grey Sails.

332 YK – A college of magick, the Kytanos University, was established in Vol-Thagoryx, with a focus on the residual draconic powers left by Nekaryx.

403 YK – One of the dominant merchant families, House Soros, made a power-play, and seized control of the entire city. The previously ruling council of merchants was dissolved, and House Soros ruled as dictators.

468 YK – After more than sixty years under the tyranny of House Soros, the city was liberated through the actions of two other houses, House Vadalla and House Raspin.
  • The two houses pooled their resources and hired a mercenary band, the Wyrmclaws. The Wyrmclaws were led by a fierce Dragonborn warrior; his band consisted of more Dragonborn, as well as a mix of humans, tieflings, and half-elves.
  • Through political intrigue, the two houses were able to weaken the influence of House Soros, and incite revolution.
  • When it became clear that Vol-Thagoryx was lost to House Soros, the ruling member of the family, Dassan Soros, unleashed the power of an arcane artifact, which released a storm of magic that ravaged the city. The mages of Kytanos University intervened to stop the magic, but not before a portion of the city was left in ruins. The artifact, known as the Eye of Koreph, was sealed away in the University vaults.
  • In the aftermath, the Wyrmclaws were employed to stay for a time, to help rebuild, and to maintain peace. Before long, the Wyrmclaws were integrated into Vol-Thagoryx, as the cities militia.

678 YK – Three-hundred years ago, a great observatory was built in Vol-Thagoryx, and with it came a guild of astronomers and astrologers.

872 YK – Vol-Thagoryx was attacked by twin blue dragons claiming to be the children of Nekaryx; Erestradryx and Skael. The city was caught off-guard, and the twin dragons did great damage before being pushed back.
  • They returned within a week, and did just as much damage as the first time. This time, however, the defense was ready, and Skael sustained significant wounds, before both dragons retreated.
  • They did not return again for several months, but when they did, they brought with them an army of Goliaths, the remnants of those who had served as the minions of Nekaryx. Vol-Thagoryx was under siege.
  • The mainland districts of Vol-Thagoryx were taken and occupied by the Goliath army.
  • In desperation, the defenders released Eye of Koreph from its vault, and used the power against the dragons. Erestradryx was slain, and Skael nearly defeated.
  • Through the powers of the Kytanos University, Skael was restrained, then imprisoned beneath the city, within some of the ancient ruins.
  • The Goliath army was driven off.
  • The mainland districts of the city were brought to ruin.

986 YK- A new cult began to form within the Vol-Thagoryx: the Heralds of Rakashir. They claimed that a new god had entered the pantheon, mightier than all the others.
  • The cult had particular sway among the lower class, although it seemed that several prominent members of the nobility were involved.

998 YK – A sudden and harsh winter descends on Vol-Thagoryx, months before it should have. Rumors abound of an army approaching from the north east, consisting of goliaths and gnolls.


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