Points of Interest


Thagoryne Mainland

First Walk

1 – Boldwyr’s Inn – A low-cost inn, often overcrowded.
2 – Pillars of the Forgotten – Ruins of an unknown ancient era.

New Mainland Market

3 – Grand Market Round – Largest market in Vol-Thagoryx.
4 – Ramak and Fenn – Headquarters to a wealthy and powerful trade guild.
5- Fourteenth Brew – Headquarters to the Alchemists Quarter

Lyman Fold

6 – Fold’s Rest Inn – A mid-level inn. Popular among entertainers.

Baylocke Ports

7 – Eleventh Tower – Headquarters to a very powerful moneylenders organization.
8 – Moz Mellos Imports – Headquarters to a powerful trade guild.

Volas Ports

9 – Broadport – The port most commonly used for travelers, rather than industry.

Baylocke Garrison

10 – Wyrmclaw Tower – Headquarters for the Wyrmclaw Legion

Vedolis Island

Azure Bay

11 – Astral Oculus – A great observatory.

Auld Vedolis

12 – House of Lies – A popular gambling den.

Vedolis Hearth

13 – The Grey Heron – An upscale inn.
14 – Hearthgrove – A semi-sacred grove of trees, within the heart of the city.
15 – Dragonstrike Memorial – A memorial to the attacks of the twin dragons.

Bluestone Span

16 – The Blue Circle – A market with the reputation for having the most exotic imported goods.
17 – Westward Trade Charters – Headquarters for the most powerful trade guild in Vol-Thagoryx.

Khalos Cliffs

18 – Oldorran Manse – Estate of House Oldorran
19 – Gardelaine Manse – Estate of House Gardelaine

Ascellis Island

Concourse of Devotion

20 – Temple of Devotion – Temple with shrines to a variety of deities, but primarily Bahamut
21 – Bastion of Odan – Once a shrine to Ioun, it has been closed off to the public by its reclusive caretaker.
22 – Solyr’s House – A sanctuary for the poor and the homeless.
23 – The Showing Shrines – A series of shrines on display, which have gained a reputation for the place people go show off their piety.

Zharkai Market

24 – Twistmarket – The most confusing market in the city. There is no rhyme or reason to its layout, and it has a bad reputation for crime.

Ascellis Heights

25 – Drudger’s Cleft – Once the foundations for a long forgotten temple, this pit in the ground has become a gathering place for troublemakers, gamblers, pit fighters, and worse.

Grey Sales Garrison

26 – Fort Amberstone – Walled stronghold of the Grey Sails.
27 – Thagoryne Lighthouse – The great lighthouse that stands as a beacon to those sailing the seas to the west.

Nekaris Island

Dragon’s Ward

28 – Thagoryne Assembly – Meetingplace of the Thagoryne Council.

Thagoryx Rise

29 -Vadalla Manse – Estates of House Vadalla.
30 – Tyrnov Manse – Estates of House Tyrnov.
31 – Raspin Manse – Estates of House Raspin

Nekaris Shores

32 – Coren’s Wail – A monument to Coren Exxar, a powerful hero who was born in Vol-Thagoryx, though he left it long before becoming a hero of any renown.

Other Notable Locations

33 – Dragonfall Temple – Shrine to Kord, around which Vol-Thagoryx was founded.
34 – Bright House Rakash – Ancient temple re-purposed by the Heralds of Rakashir.
35 – Soros Exile – Estates of the exiled House Soros.
36 – Farsight Tor – The great university of arcane arts, which has long stood as a prominent force in the city.

Points of Interest

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