Westward Trade Charters

The wealthiest trade guild in Vol-Thagoryx, their power and influence is second only to the mighty House Vadalla. They hold the second seat in the Thagoryne Council, and are known to use their influence to strengthen the laws and codes that benefit their commercial interests.

Nearly all overseas trade to the west of Vol-Thagoryx is controlled by the Westward Trade Charters.

Notable Characters

- Ludwig Holm – Master of Trades.
- Esther Shvard – Captain of the Mocking Dragon, the finest ship in the Westward Trade Charters fleet.

Public Agenda

• The sudden winter that has befallen Vol-Thagoryx has made overseas travel dangerous. The Westward Trade Charters are in command of some of the few vessels that can reliably travel. They are being cautious about what they send out. In addition to a few smaller vessels, their prize ship, the Mocking Dragon, remains at harbor, despite being capable of traversing the seas in their current state.
• With regards to the approaching army, the Westward Trade Charters have made some donations for the defense of Vol-Thagoryx, but have not yet taken any significant actions.

Westward Trade Charters

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