D&D5E - Stars of Destiny

The Wanderer's Reply


I went back and forth as to whether I trusted your motives. The worst part of your actions affecting me was that I have been estranged from those I know. Regardless this realm is not so bad.

In my travels of this realm, (of which the natives call Eldred), I have found many a strange features and sights.
It would appear that there are no cartographers in this world so I have taken it upon myself to map out the continents, discovering a land of my own; then named it Baudelaine.
Quite a nice land here.

This realm seems to be devoid of all races other than Elves, Dwarves and Man.

Keeps things simple.

Luckily nobody here knows my family name. Typically people know me as a wanderer.

I have had the fortune, (and sometimes misfortune), of meeting one James Moonwalker; A cocky fop who has a form of prosthesis on one arm and a flaming sword.

Odd tales.

Alas this stone cannot contain all I can inscribe at the present time; my wizard friend here shall attempt to send it through the void in hopes that it reaches you. (My message in a bottle obviously did not reach you from nearly a year ago). But a threat is rising here in this world. One I may not be able to handle on my own. Perhaps I shall see my friends again and we shall defeat this foe.

Regardless, I hope this finds you all in good health. I am glad to hear my compatriots still adventure on.

If Ninaran is to live through this ordeal send her my way and I shall have a swift reward awaiting. If I may return before then; I shall be happy to send an arrow through her head; diamond arrowhead.

Take pains, Be perfect;

Nathaniel Baudelaire
of the Woodland Realm


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